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The objectives of IFB are :

With over 29 years of experience, IFB is one of the most reputed Health Care Networks for managers and professionals in Health Care in Belgium. The main objectives of IFB is to stimulate interaction and increase dialogue between all stakeholders for the good of the Belgian Patient.

Stakeholders include:

Participants receive a certificate after the attended course.

Board of Directors IFB :

Dirk Broeckx

Dirk Broeckx is a public pharmacist in the centre of Antwerp since 1979.

He is president of IFB and moderator of the management-training course since 1996.

  • Project Manager "éénlijn.be" (Flemish authorities' project encouraging HCP's in ambulatory care to use e-health services) (2013 ->)
  • Independent Trainer Consultant: strategy and vision training "Prepare for the Future (P4F)" (2010 ').
  • Coordinator of the "Round Table eHealth 2012" and "Round Table eHealth 2015" (co-autor of the Belgian "Road Map eHealth 2013 -2018)
  • Former Secretary-General of APB (Belgian Pharmacis ts Association) and editor-in-chief of a.o. the Apothekersblad (1989 - 2009).
  • Vice-President of the Comité de l'Assurance at the NIDHI (national institute for health insurance) (' 2009).
  • President of Recip-e (National platform for electronic medical prescriptions) (2010 '2013).
  • Vice-President of the board of e-Health Platform (Federal Belgian IT services in health) (2009 '2010).
Rik Decan

Rik Decan is entrepreneur and Director of different companies.

  • Founder of Makrotest (market research)
  • Founder of Cegos België (organisation & financial control)
  • Founder Transtec (development co-operation)
  • Founder Eurosem (Companies seminars & trainings)
  • Former Consular Judge in Brussels
  • Former director of the “Gewestelijke Investeringsmaatschappij” Brussels
  • Director of the “Vlaams Economisch Verbond”
  • Representative of the Flamish Government for the “Federaal Agentschap voor de Buitenlandse Handel
  • President of the “Stichting Vlamingen in de Wereld”.

He launched the book "Wie is wie in Vlaanderen" (Who is who in Flanders).

Ward Van Rompay

Medical Doctor (78 KUL, Leuven). Executive PPB (87 IPO, UIA, Antwerp).

  • “Health Economics of Pharmaceuticals” of the Stockholm School of Economics (96)
  • General Practitioner 1978 - 1988. Managing Director en Vice-President WVVH 1980 – 1988
  • Board Member Diagnose Centrum DLO Lier 1982 – 1988.
  • Board Member MEDITEK 1984 - 1988. 1988 - 1994,
  • CEO, co-founder of Health Care Research NV, Belgium
  • 1994 - 1996, board member BRI International Inc., and VP International Business Development.
  • Since 1995 Board Member in IFB
  • 2000 – 2011 Board Member in Valesta nv/sa, Clinical Research Staffing.
  • 2006 – 2008, CEO in Medics Without Vacation
Martine Wouters

Martine Wouters is a biologist (zoologist) of the University of Antwerp and graduated in 1984.

  • She worked for almost 20 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry in various management functions and various disease areas like cardiology, Angina Pectoris, hypertension, diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia and Schizophrenia.
  • As off 2004 she is the Managing Director of IFB working with > 100 Belgian Key Faculty Members / Key Stake holders yearly in various IFB Belgian Health Care Management Programs like the 16-day IFB Management Course Life Science, IFB Health Café, IFB Health Economics Evaluation course, The RIZIV-IFB Day The Payer's Perspective,...
  • She is ao in charge of creating courses, recruiting and (de)briefing speakers, creation of a unique IFB Health network,...
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